Rep. John Campbell’s Books Are Checked by House Ethics Panel

The Hill newspaper in Washington, D.C., is reporting that Orange County Republican Congressman John Campbell is one of five Republicans and three Democrats whose campaign contributions are getting a look from a House ethics panel.

Reporters Bob Cusack and Susan Crabtree obtained a confidential document outlining the inquiry, which is in its initial stages and targets members sitting on the Financial Services and Ways and Means committees.

Campbell of Newport Beach told the Hill he hasn’t done anything wrong and expects to be cleared.

The inquiry is seeking fundraising and campaign contribution information from Campbell and the others going back to early last year. It’s focusing on the financial regulatory bill that the House approved last year.

A quick look at Campbell’s campaign contributions since 2005, when he was elected, shows that he mainly draws support from the real estate, automotive, insurance and securities industries, along with conservative political action committees.