Irvine Council to Decide on Children’s Health Program

The Irvine City Council is scheduled to vote tonight on extending a contract with Volunteer Center Orange County, the fiscal agent for Children’s Health Initiative of Orange County, to administer a health services program for the city’s children.

Mayor Sukhee Kang initiated the program in Irvine in 2008 to help steer the city’s uninsured children to various medical programs like Medi-Cal.

According to a staff report, the program has helped 472 of 1,760 children in Irvine identified as lacking health insurance.

Kang said the city first earmarked $200,000 to the program, but after grants from local medical groups, including Kaiser Permanente Community Programs, the Cancer Center of Irvine, and Bristol Park medical Group, the city has spent a total of $16,000 since the program began.

The council is also slated to consider reservation fees for use of public facilities.

The finance commission has recommended Irvine residents pay 100 percent of indoor facility use costs, city spokesman Craig Reem said. Currently, Irvine residents are paying 75 percent of the costs.