Steven Choi Will Personally Take Down Sign in Newport Beach

Irvine Councilman Steven Choi said he will personally take down a campaign sign he left up in Newport Beach for at least 67 days after he lost a state Assembly race in the June primary election.

As my post Tuesday highlighted, Choi has advocated strict policies regarding how long a sign can stay up in Irvine. So it was interesting that his sign stayed up for so long in Newport Beach.

Choi said he was “embarrassed” that the sign was still up and added that the company he hired to make his signs was responsible for taking them down.

“Obviously these guys don’t have a good record of where they place them, and obviously they missed them here and there,” Choi said.

Choi said he called the company two days ago to have the sign taken down, but just to make sure, he’s going to  drive to Newport Beach and make sure it’s taken down.

“I’m going to personally go over there — I know it can be an eyesore,” Choi said.