DA Confirms Norby Investigation

The Orange County District Attorney’s Office confirmed Wednesday that it is reviewing a Fullerton police investigation into an incident earlier this month at the home of Assemblyman Chris Norby.

“A case has been submitted to our office by the Fullerton PD, and we’re reviewing it to determine if charges are appropriate,” said DA spokeswoman Farrah Emami.

She would not comment on details of the case: “Until we have a filing decision, we can’t talk about a case that hasn’t been filed.”

Voice of OC reported Monday that Fullerton police responded to an incident at Norby’s home on Sept. 2, but it would be up to the district attorney to determine if a crime occurred.

Norby, R-Fullerton, and his wife, Martha, acknowledged having an argument that caused a deliveryman to call the police. Both also said there was no physical altercation or anything else that would warrant a police investigation.

A public summary of the police report, however, stated that Chris Norby pushed Martha Norby during the argument.

Asked if there had been other incidents at the house, Sgt. Andrew S. Goodrich, the department’s public information officer, said there were three 911 calls from the home over the past year, but the caller hung up without saying anything.

He said the department followed up on the calls, but “no police reports were generated,” and there was nothing to indicate something should have been reported.

Chris Norby said an 8-year-old in the house made the calls while playing with the phone while he was out of town.

“She didn’t know the phone was real,” he said. “I told her how serious this was” when he learned about it later. “It happened while I was not there,” he said.