Orange Mayor Will Stop Double-Dipping

Orange Mayor Carolyn Cavecche is dropping her health insurance coverage from the Orange County Transportation Authority, according to the Orange County Register, and will use insurance from the city.

Cavecche had collected $105,201 in lieu of health benefits from the city since 2004 and had her health insurance picked up separately from the OCTA. No laws or rules were violated.

OCTA policies do prohibit its 18 directors from enrolling in the agency’s health plan if they already are covered by another plan. But the city of Orange gives its council members a health plan that allows them to take the cash instead if they are covered elsewhere. That’s what Cavecche did.

Voice of OC reported in August that Cavecche was receiving both OCTA health insurance and a non-health-insurance benefit from the city.

Likewise, Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido was simultaneously receiving coverage from his city and from OCTA.

Pulido also is a triple driver. He receives a a plug-in Toyota Prius issued to him by the South Coast Air Quality Management District and a car allowance from the city, and he puts in for mileage from OCTA.

He said the three driving perks are a good thing because he is helping clean the environment by advising the automotive industry on the performance of cleaner autos.