Could Pulido Be Moving On?

Although Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido just won a ninth term, there is a chance that he is not long for the job.

That’s because one of his closest friends, Jerry Brown, just won the governorship. Pulido says the two have talked about him joining a Brown administration.

“I am very close to Jerry. We’ve been friends for years,” Pulido said in an interview the day before Tuesday’s election. “He stays at my home when he comes into the area. And I was an early supporter for him two years ago.”

A Brown spokesman did not respond to questions about Pulido or his role in a transition.

But Santa Ana’s mayor says, “We have had conversations about cabinet-level posts,” adding that other slots could be in the mix such as high level environmental or energy commission appointments.

Pulido, who will likely be a part of Brown’s transition team, made it a point to say that the governor-elect “hasn’t specifically offered any post, and I’m not expecting any post.”

He add that “I’m very happy here in the city.”