Kramer, Reeve and Taylor Capture Seats on San Juan Capistrano Council

Larry Kramer and John Taylor lead in the race for San Juan Capistrano City Council, with Derek Reeve in third. In San Juan Capistrano, the top three vote-getters win seats on the council.

Councilman Thomas Hribar is not seeking re-election, and two incumbents, Mayor Londres Uso and Councilman Mark Nielsen, appear to have lost their council seats.

Here is the percentage breakdown of the voting as of Thursday morning:

Larry Kramer: 17 percent

John Taylor: 15.1 percent

Derek Reeve: 14.8 percent

Jim Reardon: 13.1 percent

Mark Nielsen: 12.5 percent

Clint Worthington: 9.8 percent

Londres Uso: 7.9 percent

Jess Lopez: 5.9 percent

Victor Schneider: 3.9 percent