Need an Earmark in Red County, Just Ask a Dem

America’s most Republican county has an answer to the earmark ban being advocated by Congressional Republicans.

Just go to the Democrats.

Tuesday, Orange County’s Deputy Director of Legislative Affairs Donna Grubaugh told county supervisors that the members of the area’s GOP Ccongressional delegation have made it clear that they will not sponsor individual earmarks.

That prompted county Supervisor Bill Campbell to ask a very direct question on how to get funding for expensive things like restoring the Santa Ana River.

“How do you see that working,” Campbell asked. “What are you doing to do? The door is shut.”

Grubaugh was ready with her answer.

“Both of our senators [Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer] have in prior years put in the request [for the Santa Ana River]. Both have been active on the Santa Ana River.”



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