County Computer Contractor Gets $254,000 Bonus

A controversial $254,000 bonus for the county’s computer contractor sailed through the county Board of Supervisors today on a 4-1 vote, with Supervisor Shawn Nelson dissenting.

The bonus, provided to ACS State and Local Solutions, was granted even though several supervisors and county Chief Executive Tom Mauk all agreed that the survey method used to calculate the annual bonus was flawed.

“Moving forward,” said Supervisor Pat Bates, “we need to have a more tangible structured measurement.”

Mauk agreed, saying, “There is a significant room for improvement on the survey.”

Nelson was short in his critiques Tuesday, simply voting against the contract. In past meetings, he has questioned whether the bonus was earned because the survey methodology was flawed.

The controversial bonus has been delayed numerous times, with several supervisors balking at granting a bonus for a computer contract that has been criticized severely in recent years.

The county’s largest public sector union, the Orange County Employees Association, also criticized the granting of such bonuses, especially when ACS is working under a decade-long, $266 million contract.

That contract is expected to be re-bid this year.