Monahan’s Bar Vandalized

A brick was thrown through Costa Mesa Mayor Gary Monahan’s bar, Skosh Monahan’s, early Saturday morning.

Monahan said a note was attached to the brick that was both critical of Monahan and the Costa Mesa City Council’s plan to outsource nearly half of city services. However, neither Monahan nor Costa Mesa police would reveal the exact contents of the note, according to this story in the Daily Pilot.

“This wasn’t directed at the bar, it was directed at the mayor, at my place of business for actions that I’m doing as mayor,” Monahan told the Daily Pilot Saturday. “That’s kind of scary.”

The Orange County Employees Association, which has aggressively fought the outsourcing plan, issued a press release Sunday condeming the vandalism.

“We may have differences of opinion with Mayor Monahan, and we may have different political goals,” said OCEA General Manager Nick Berardino. “But…we all have the right to promote our opinions and persue our goals without fear of this kind of inexusable repercussion.”



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