The OC Morning Report

Costa Mesa continues to dominate the local political news in Orange County.

Voice of OC’s Norberto Santana examines the curious math that city officials have employed in recent months. Santana discovers that finding accurate numbers — from vote percentages to pension payments — can be an adventure in Costa Mesa.

More Costa Mesa

Frank Mickadeit at the OC Register again tackles the Costa Mesa controversy involving Councilman Steven Mensinger and Estancia High School English teacher and Surf Team instructor, Joel Flores. Mickadeit explores Flores’ interest in Che Guevara noting that the teacher has taken down a Facebook page featuring posters of pro-Communist literature.

The Daily Pilot reports that Mensinger filed a complaint against Flores on Monday.

Daily Pilot also offers a brief synopsis on the budget workshop in Costa Mesa today.

Beyond Costa Mesa

Anaheim basketball fans and taxpayers keep an eye on the closed door negotiations going on in Sacramento to see if that city can keep its team, or whether it is coming south.

The LA Times, Mike Reichter, has a good piece on Newport Beach having to cut lifeguards and the arguments being made by both sides of the issue.

And finally, any student of California’s budget mess would do well to read this special report by the Economist magazine on how the state’s unique form of direct democracy helped lead us to the pickle we are currently in.



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