More Bonuses Slated for Orange County Executives

On the heels of two reports criticizing the county’s executive pay practices, Orange County supervisors are poised to vote on a two-year contract for managers and executives that includes a hike in salary and bonuses.

Last month, Orange County Performance Auditor Steve Danley revealed dozens of unauthorized pay raises given to county managers and executives. In essence, Danley concluded that if the rate of approval for the county’s performance bonuses are justified, then the typical manager in the county bureaucracy is exceptional or better.

Then this week the Orange County grand jury criticized a lack of transparency when granting the county’s top salaries.

Nonetheless, CEO Tom Mauk has signed a tentative agreement with managers that includes an expansion of the same kinds of performance bonuses that the performance auditor’s report criticized as overly generous. The agreement is being considered by managers and will soon come to a vote. It’s expected to reach county supervisors as early as the last meeting in June.

Mauk said there is give and take in all labor negotiations. He said the expansion of the performance bonuses were essentially a swap, because county managers and executives are being asked to pay more in monthly payments for their retirement plans.