Kelly Thomas Attorney Threatens to Go Over DA’s Head

The attorney for the family of Kelly Thomas, who was beaten to death by Fullerton police two months ago, said today he will demand that state or federal authorities prosecute the officers if Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas delays prosecution further.

“We don’t need any more delay,” said Garo Mardirossia. “It’s as obvious as the noses on our faces. He died as a result of an assault.”

Mardirossia said he did not blame all six officers present at the beating. He called on those not participating to come forward immediately and tell authorities what happened that night.

The statements were made during a press conference in Los Angeles, where Mardirossian and Ron Thomas, father of the beating victim, released hospital records they say show the 37-year-old, mentally ill transient “died because of blunt head trauma.”

Garo said there were no drugs or alcohol in Kelly Thomas’ system. “He was as sober as all of us, and yet they beat him to death.”