DA and Paramedics Differ on Timeline of Kelly Thomas Beating

The timeline of events during the beating death of mentally ill transient Kelly Thomas shows differences between the Orange County district attorney’s office chronicle and records from the Fullerton Fire Department on when paramedics arrived.

The DA’s office didn’t return telephone calls seeking clarification.

On the night of July 5, according to the DA’s chronology, the “physical altercation began at 8:52 p.m. and lasted nine minutes and 40 seconds until the victim was in handcuffs and no longer moving.”

That would put the end at 9:01:40 p.m.

By then, according to the DA’s timeline, the paramedics already were on the scene at the Fullerton bus depot. The DA’s chronicle of events says Fullerton paramedics and an ambulance arrived at 9 p.m.

But paramedics, according to Fullerton spokeswoman, Sylvia Palmer Mudrick, didn’t receive the call from the police dispatcher to go to the scene until 8:59:50.

She said paramedic records show they arrived at 9:02:55 p.m., which is more than a minute after the DA’s office says the beating ended.

The DA’s timeline is based on a variety of sources, including a police video from a camera at the bus station and voice recorders worn by officers. The video and voice recordings haven’t been made public yet.