On The Agenda

More outsourcing in Costa Mesa and labor negotiations in Santa Ana top this week’s public meeting agendas.

The Santa Ana City Council, confronted with a budget crisis of epic proportions, will be holding a special closed session to discuss labor negotiations. City leaders and labor groups, particularly police and fire unions, are in the early stages of negotiations to reduce a $30-million budget deficit.

The Costa Mesa City Council continues its drive to outsource city services. The Costa Mesa Employees Association sued the city after the city issued layoff notices to nearly half the city’s workforce.

Santa Ana City Council Special Closed Session, Tuesday, Nov. 1

  • Labor negotiations with various labor groups.
  • City attorney appointment.


Costa Mesa City Council, Tuesday, Nov. 1

  • A ban on smoking at city athletic parks, community gardens and within 50 feet of a city park.


Closed Session

  • Labor negotiations.
  • Existing litigation: Costa Mesa Employees Association v. Costa Mesa.


Fullerton City Council, Tuesday, Nov. 1

  • Allowing alcohol sales at the Fullerton Tennis Center.
  • Removing the mandatory 750-foot buffer between churches and adult businesses.
  • Agreements with various labor groups.
  • Implementing permit-parking only rules in some neighborhoods.


Closed Session

  • Existing litigation: Beale v. Fullerton, Hanson et al. v. Fullerton.
  • Deliberating initiation of litigation in one possible case.
  • Labor negotiations.


San Juan Capistrano City Council, Tuesday, Nov. 1


Closed Session

  • Possible litigation involving an inverse condemnation and civil rights claim by the owner of Capistrano Terrace Mobile Home Park involving the city’s rent control, park closure and building-property maintenance regulations.