Agran to Caltrans: Let’s Clean Up the Trash on Freeways

Irvine City Councilman Larry Agran says he lives in one of the most beautiful cities in the nation.

Yet, he says, “the view most motorists get of the city of Irvine is a very unflattering one.”

And he says Caltrans is responsible.

“There is an extraordinary amount of litter and trash that gathers over the weeks and months, sometimes without being cleaned up at all by Caltrans,” Agran said.

Agran suspects that the state transportation agency has cut down on litter clean-up as part of its overall budget cutting efforts. He said he is open to the possibility of Irvine sharing the clean-up costs with Caltrans.

“But leaving things as they are now, as far as I’m concerned, is unacceptable,” he said.

The Irvine City Council approved a litter removal initiative at its meeting this week and hopes for a report on the issue by January.

The attached video story has more details.