Orange County Is Template for New Online Voter Registration Program

With help from a $239,240 federal grant, Orange County is set to become one of three counties statewide that will be the templates for a program that makes it possible for California residents to register to vote online in time for the November elections.

County Supervisors approved the grant this week, and preparations are being made for modifications to the Election Information Management System software that will eventually be implemented by 33 other counties, said Orange County Registrar of Voters Neal Kelley.

Los Angeles and Trinity counties employ different systems and will be the templates for the state’s remaining 22 counties.

A state law enacted last year requires online voter registration to be completed by July 1 in time for the November elections.

To prevent voter fraud, the online system will use California driver licenses or state-issued ID cards to verify the identity of individuals registering online.

DFM Associates, creator of Orange County’s software, will make the modifications with proceeds from grants from the Federal Voting Assistance Program and Help America Vote Act.


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