Santa Ana Mayor: Chivas Negotiations Officially Dead

Negotiations with Chivas USA to move the professional soccer team to Santa Ana are officially dead, Mayor Miguel Pulido acknowledged at this week’s City Council meeting.

When responding to a public speaker’s request for status on the negotiations, which have caused much controversy, Pulido said there was nothing to report. “At this point, I’m sorry to say, there are no ongoing discussions with Chivas USA,” Pulido said.

While there were many in Santa Ana who supported the attempt to lure Chivas, a coalition of residents had been outraged by the possible move, fearing increases in traffic and noise. The group focused much of its anger on Pulido for holding talks with Chivas without meeting with residents.

City leaders had claimed to be in a six-month negotiating period with the team’s management. Doubts loomed over the claim, however, after Chivas officials denied that they had “committed to any type of negotiation.”

“They don’t have interest in moving forward with the project. So at this point it’s just more golf out at Willowick,” Pulido said, referring to the golf course that had been envisioned as the site of a future soccer stadium.