Four Female Employees Named in Daly Letter Deny Allegations

Four female employees in Orange County Clerk-Recorder Tom Daly’s office have categorically denied allegations that they engaged in any sexual misconduct or corrupt behavior with Daly, according to their attorney.

An anonymous group, calling itself “concerned county employees,” alleged in an August letter that Daly, who is the frontrunner to become Orange County’s next assemblyman for the 69th District, has handed out promotions and engaged in inappropriate behavior with at least four female workers at the clerk-recorders’ office.

The letter was sent to a variety of county offices, including that of interim County Executive Officer Bob Franz, as well as Voice of OC.

“All of the women categorically deny each and every allegation against them and Mr. Daly in the letter,” wrote Sarah C. Serpa, an attorney for Callahan & Blaine, the firm representing Daly, in an email to Voice of OC.

Serpa would not comment further, nor would she send to Voice of OC declarations from the four employees that the firm sent to The Orange County Register, citing the ongoing investigation into Daily.

Serpa wrote to Voice of OC that when the firm sent the declarations to the Register, “no such investigation had commenced.”