PBS Video: Orange County Sheriff Speaks on AB 109 Prisoner Shift

This week, PBS SoCaL’s David Nazar delved into the controversy surrounding prisoner realignment or AB 109 and Sheriff Sandra Hutchens’ assertion that the state isn’t covering all of Orange County’s costs.

“I can say for this past fiscal year, we’re $10 million short of what it cost us to house our AB 109 population,” Hutchens told Nazar.

The sheriff said the extra costs come from additional jail staff needed for the 1,000 inmates resulting from AB 109.

The shortfall has been made up by drawing from the county’s general fund, Hutchens said.

The state  has declared that Orange County’s reimbursement level is appropriate.

“So far, realignment seems to be going as it should be,” said Dana Simas, spokeswoman for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

Click the video above to see the full report.

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