Anaheim City Council Considers Altering Mayor’s Power

The council majority is set Monday to clash with Mayor Tom Tait over the mayor’s power to place items on council meeting agendas. The move is widely seen as retaliation for Tait’s criticism of the pending Angel Stadium lease deal.

Banked Vacation and Sick Leave Lead to Big Payouts

Over the past five years, many high-level employees in Orange County government have reaped six-figure sick and vacation leave payouts. “This is not something we intended to become a practice,” says a state senator.

On the Agenda

Anaheim’s council majority plans to retract one of the mayor’s few powers, and Costa Mesa approves an  increase in reprographics costs.

PBS: Stadium Debate Heats Up

Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait calls the council majority’s approach a giveaway, while city consultant Charles Black says concessions were key to keeping the team focused on negotiations instead of moving.

Anaheim Council to Strip Mayor of Agenda Power

On Sept. 30 the council majority will likely vote to strip Mayor Tom Tait of his power to unilaterally place items on council meeting agendas. Tait says its retaliation for his efforts to bring transparency to the stadium deal.