Vendor of Red Light Traffic Cameras Faces Cutoff in Santa Ana

As bribery allegations against Santa Ana’s red light camera operator expand to California, city officials are considering whether to renew their contract next year.

Phoenix-based RedFlex Traffic Systems, which has been running Santa Ana’s camera program since 2002, has previously admitted that its Chicago camera program was likely helped by a $2-million bribery scheme.

And RedFlex official Aaron Rosenberg, who signed the firm’s 2010 extension with Santa Ana, recently said the company had frequently engaged in “providing government officials with lavish gifts and bribes,” the Chicago Tribune reported in January.

Dozens of municipalities in states across the U.S., including at least one in California, received gifts and bribes from company officials, Rosenberg alleges in a court filing.

It’s unclear which city or cities in California Rosenberg was referring to.

At Tuesday’s meeting, Santa Ana City Council members will decide whether to take up a staff recommendation to not renew RedFlex’s contract when it expires in June 2015.

The company would be required to take out its cameras within 60 days of the contract expiring, and city staff did not recommend hiring another firm in their staff report.

The meeting starts Tuesday at 5:45 p.m. Click here for the Tribune’s recent article on RedFlex.

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