Voice of OC Radio: The Future of OC’s Republican Party

With the aim of viewing Election Day through a slightly different lens, Voice of OC today is debuting its inaugural radio podcast on key public policy issues facing Orange County.

The aim is to offer listeners insights into the many candidates, consultants and officials who impact Orange County’s civic life, and in turn the lives of millions of residents.

Beyond the horse race aspects of the primary, we’ll also be delving into the broader issues in play during this year’s election cycle with particular focus on how election contests really impact Orange County.

In our first podcast, we had two of the county’s most interesting political minds – GOP Central Committee member Alan Bartlett and GOP political consultant Adam Probolsky to talk about a debate that has rippled through conservative circles in recent months — granting tax subsidies to big businesses.

Bartlett claims that such subsidies violate Republican Party principles. Probolsky argues they’re a great tool for economic development.

Click below to listen to the discussion:

As Voice of OC reported Tuesday, the debate has played a major role in the races for two supervisorial districts this primary election and looms especially large over Anaheim’s Measure D, which would shorten the mayoral term length from four years to two.

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