Huntington Beach Takes Up Senior Center Funding, Plastic Bag Ban

Huntington Beach officials are set this week to issue more than $16.4 million in bonds to build a new senior center at Huntington Central Park.

There already is $4.5 million in general fund money set aside for the project, and city staff say another $2 million can be expected from fundraising efforts. The bonds would provide the rest of the money needed for the $21.5 million project. If the private donations don’t materialize, staff say the $2 million would come out of the city’s capital improvement reserves.

If approved, the city would pay $23.1 million in total principal and interest costs over the 20-year life of the bonds, or about $1.15 million in annual payments each year, according to a staff estimate.

Councilman Joe Carchio has also asked his colleagues to discuss the city’s reusable bag ordinance, which bans plastic bags and adds a 10-cent charge for paper bags. 

Since the ban was passed last year, the city has heard concerns about the transmission of germs and bacteria from reusable bags. Carchio is suggesting the city instead implement a buy-back program to replace soiled bags to eliminate the health concerns, according to the staff report. 

Carchio is also suggesting the charge for paper bags be reduced from 10 to 5 cents a bag, the original cost of the bags for retailers.

The meeting begins at 6 p.m. on Monday. To read the full council agenda, click here.

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