Irvine to Consider Affordable Housing for Veterans

Irvine City Council members are scheduled Tuesday to discuss a proposed affordable housing site for veterans.

An ad-hoc committee, independent of the city, was supposed to discuss the site, currently designated at the Great Park.

But the committee, set up primarily to consider a possible veterans cemetery, was formed months ago, and as of July 22 still hadn’t discussed the issue, according to a memo from Councilwoman Christina Shea.

Shea is proposing the city transfer that duty from the ad hoc committee to the city’s planning commission, which would set up its own subcommittee to consider the issue and hear from various stakeholders, according to her memo.

The existing ad hoc committee members are:

• Steven Choi, Mayor

• Jeffrey Lalloway, Mayor Pro Tem

• Bill Cook, Chairperson, Orange County Veterans Memorial Park Committee

• Isabelle Krasney, Chairperson, Orange County Veterans Employment Committee

• Stephen Jorgensen, Assistant Deputy Secretary, Veterans Memorials & Cemeteries, California Department of Veterans Affairs

• Five Point Communities Management, Inc. Representative

Irvine officials will meet Tuesday starting at 4 p.m. Read the entire agenda here.

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