Fountain Valley to Double Standby Employees’ Pay

The Fountain Valley City Council Tuesday is likely to approve an increase in standby pay for city employees from $125 to $250 a week.

Three employees of the city’s Field Services Unit are on-call for one week every two months, to provide emergency services to city facilities, public streets and public utilities. During that week, employees must be reachable by a city cell phone at all times, respond to call-outs, and report to work within 30 minutes when they are needed.

The current pay rate of $125 for standby employees has not been changed for 25 years and is nearly a third of the countywide average of $360 per week, according to a city staff report. Rather than meeting the countywide average, staff is recommending the council double the rate to $250 a week.

Tuesday’s meeting begins at 6:00 p.m. Read the full council agenda and staff reports, which are provided as one continuous file, by clicking here.

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