I-405 Toll Lane Showdown Expected at OCTA Meeting

Update: A story on what happened at the meeting is available here.

As the debate over placing high-occupancy toll lanes on the I-405 freeway rages on, supporters of a no-toll plan are scheduled to push for their proposal – yet again.

After facing rejection last week from a committee of Orange County Transportation Authority board members, they’re set to plead their case before the full board Monday.

The no-toll plan was developed by a coalition of officials from cities near the 405 freeway who oppose state plans to require drivers to pay tolls to use some lanes. The no-toll proposal calls for adding one general-purpose and one carpool lane in each direction.

Caltrans officials have enthusiastically supported the toll lanes option, saying it’s the fastest way to move people and goods on the north county section of the 405. They deny they are backing the toll roads as a way to raise money.

A wide range of local officials and residents, meanwhile, argue that construction of the toll lanes would violate the promise to voters for Measure M2, the county’s half-percent sales tax, among other concerns.

The meeting starts Monday at 9 a.m. at OCTA headquarters in Orange.

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