Anaheim Voters Approve Council Districts

Anaheim voters have approved ballot measures that will transform the city’s electoral system and increase the size of the city council, according to results from the Orange County Registrar of Voters.

Measure L replaces the city’s at-large electoral system with one in which council members are elected by district. Measure M increases the size of the council from five to seven members, with six of the members being elected by district and the mayor elected on an at-large basis.

With all precincts reporting, Measure L was approved by 68 percent of voters and Measure M passed with 53 percent.

Supporters of the council-districts measure argue it will give more equal representation to the city’s majority Latino population. Opponents have said such a system could lead to a balkanized city council.

The campaign in support of the measure attracted more than $250,000, including a significant amount from statewide progressive groups, including the San Francisco-based The Anaheim Chamber of Commerce and former Mayor Curt Pringle publicly opposed the measure, but there was no organized campaign against it.