Anaheim Targets Landlords in Effort to Close Illegal Pot Shops

A map of marijuana dispensaries in Anaheim, according to, an online social network for legal marijuana.

In the ongoing effort by cities to close illegal medical marijuana dispensaries, Anaheim officials are taking steps to expand their enforcement powers so they can take civil or criminal actions against property owners who rent to pot shops.

After the California Supreme Court ruled in May 2013 that municipalities have the right to ban dispensaries and enforce civil and criminal penalties for violations, Anaheim and other cities have sought to regulate or shut down medical marijuana shops.

Since that ruling, Anaheim has closed 161 of 179 dispensaries operating in the city and is still trying to close the remaining 18, according to a staff report.

In August, the city cut power to dispensaries that refused to close, although some have used generators and found other means to continue operating, according to the report.

The proposed changes to the municipal code would clarify the City’s ability to pursue civil and criminal action against property owners and landlords who allow the dispensaries to operate on their property.

Read the full staff report and city council agenda here.