Lake Forest Council Rejects Restrictions on Vendors’ Politics

Lake Forest council members voted 3-2 Tuesday evening to reject a proposal prohibiting political contributions from city vendors.

Mayor Scott Voigts along with council members Dwight Robinson and Andrew Hamilton voted against the proposal, citing, among several reasons, that it would be an unnecessary prohibition on the right of the business community to support candidates of their choice.

Council members Jim Gardner — a former member of the Voice of OC Community Editorial Board — and Adam Nick supported the move to prohibit political contributions from vendors.

“The 460s and forms that we file, don’t cover everything…none of them go to the inherent conflict of [receiving contributions] from a vendor,” Gardner said. “Either we have something we should live up to…or we don’t mind a little compromise to our objectivity.”

Gardner said he would remain open to bringing the issue back should council members change their minds.