• Roy Reynolds
  • Bobomo

    “Santa Ana is the fourth most densely populated city in the country”

    That can’t possibly be true… It’s not even true in the state.

    Edit: I see now that the qualifier is “with a population greater than 300k.”

  • astar2b

    Obama bucks, free or not, should not be the reason to build street cars with no riders… It’s ok to turn the money down…

  • christophershakilafriditiboni

    I have said TIME AND TIME AGAIN!!! If Santa Ana wants a Street Car, SANTA ANA, AND SANTA ANA ALONE SHOULD PAY FOR IT!

  • Roy Reynolds

    Another unjustified project with no believable ridership estimates. A waste of not only federal money, but Measure M funds that should be simply providing for more pavement. It’s that simple.

    • David Zenger

      Roy, at least if it were proposed to be paid for by Measure M and only Measure M, OC would be able to apply to it the transit priority smell test. Obama Bucks are free money, a siren song that seduces all of our fine, upstanding fiscal conservatives.

      The only difference between this boondoggle and Pringle’s Anaheim Folly is that the projected cost is 33% less. Won’t stay that way, I’ll bet.

      Makes me sort of miss Moorlach already.

  • David Zenger

    Gee for $200,000,000 you could run non-stop OCTA bus service for a hundred years for all those people who just have to get from Santa Ana to Garden Grove.