• RyanCantor

    “We reached the conclusion that the filing of criminal charges was not warranted, but administrative charges and penalties are appropriate sanctions for ****unlawful conduct*** to which Mayor Pulido has admitted,” states the DA report

    “After a lengthy investigation, I am happy that the DA’s conclusions of ***no wrongdoing*** were consistent with my understanding of the actions I took,” Pulido said.

    Someone clearly doesn’t get it. Clearly.

    • David Zenger

      Yeah, that’s what they always say, citing failure to prosecute as some sort of exoneration.

  • David Zenger

    “According to the DA and the FPPC, this means there was no illegal gift
    and no bribe. And without those findings, there is no felony conflict of

    Well, that’s the lazy man’s explanation, even if you accept Pulido’s convenient appraisal.

    The fact is Pulido swapped one piece of land (of questionable value) for another that was immediately liquidated. Pulido needs cash to pay off all his freebie debt and he got it courtesy of Akoubian.

    Soooo…how come nobody asked Pulido why he didn’t just sell the lot to Akoubian and cash out that way if the property is so darn valuable? Why the swap if not to score a deal and keep it quiet?

    This reminds me of Rackaukas’s whitewash of the Ackerman lobbying scandal. Not looking for evidence is the best way of not finding any.

  • Paul Lucas

    And Kamala Harris wants us to vote for her for Senate? I dont think so.