OC Weekly: Hundreds of West OC Court Cases May Have Been Tampered With By ‘Rogue’ Worker

A “rogue” worker at Orange County’s courthouse branch in Westminster may have tampered with hundreds of misdemeanor cases like traffic violations or drunk driving citations, according to the OC Weekly.

An individual in the court, who asked not to be identified because he wasn’t authorized to speak, confirmed to Voice of OC “there definitely was a discussion” of the problem Friday morning in the West Orange County Municipal courtroom of Judge Thomas Borris.

According to the Weekly, Borris told lawyers and defendants in his courtroom the court would audit “hundreds” of cases to correct errors.

“We’re definitely trying to find out” the source of the problem referenced by the judge, another person told Voice of OC. Court employees said they were warned media would be asking questions at the courthouse Friday but were not told why.

The Weekly reported lawyers and defendants in Borris’ court were questioned about “errors” like attorneys being wrongly listed as representing a client.

Borris asked an attorney if a private jail was ordered for a client and was told no such request was made, according to the post. To a female defendant, he asked them if they had served the jail time that the docket said they had. The woman told Judge Borris she had indeed. Judge Borris instructed the court to call the jail to see if they had indeed served the time; The defendant had not, and the woman was immediately remanded into custody.

“And as people left the courtroom, FBI agents asked nearly everyone to talk to them and see what they knew about their cases and the scandal in general.”

  • OCservant_Leader

    “Rogue” worker? I think not. This is just one example of what is going on in every office and department in OC County government. The decades of open corruption and graft of leadership has enabled “cottage” industries to emerge in every conceivable way to make a buck.

    There is no oversight. There are no rules. Zero checks and balances. It is “grab as much as you can” before you get caught mentality.

    The only asset of government is the employees. The Human Resoures department is where the corruption begins. You can only pull of fraud with your own crew or family in place.

    If employees are selected by qualifications only – you break the chain of corruption. If employees are selected by cronyism (BOS aides) or nepotism (blood relative)- this only continues graft. There is no benefit to taxpayers.

    If the new CEO of the County is able to place his sister in an executive management position overseeing a half of Billion dollars in contracts from outside the bureaucracy before the ink dried on his contract…without any questions…then the corruption and fraud can openly continue.

    The “Rogue” clerk watches how management manufactures performance evaluations, contact procurements, budget sheets, customer service surveys, etc. why not do a little creative record keeping on your own and make a buck? This is the rule..not the exception.

  • Paul Lucas

    maybe this will be the feather that breaks the camels back per se in getting the Feds to investigate T Rack