• OCservant_Leader

    The troll you describe is the perfect “type” the corrupt EA appointees & Family prefer to place in positions to batter the employees. They must have two qualities to be effective A. Incompetent (HS drop out is perfect) & B. Arrogance.

    This combination is very effective in taking personal satisfaction in abusing others. Yes – they will lie (HR supports appointees – no questions asked).

    They spend all their time setting employees up…meanwhile the department is in ruins and in this case they are abusing the animals as well.

    The bad news is the government is immune from liability of its employees. Imagine if you could sue for incompetence? The government would grind to a halt with lawsuits.

    The OC does not have a civil service commission. It is like the Wild West before law and order.

    It is the perfect scam. They don’t give a damn about the “services” they are supposed to be providing…they are busy stuffing tax dollars in their pockets.

    The horrors of that shelter are well documented …it must be a horrible place to witness the corruption as employees. I applaud those who are sacrificing themselves for these animals. It is admirable.

    The reference to the “animal carcass – rendering” contract sounds interesting. Maybe “Tammy” is making a few bucks on the side??

  • John Claxton

    There is a troll named Tammy running the show at OCAC. She talks and acts like a gang banger, and a high school drop out. Directors of OCAC are afraid of her. There is an ex-OCAC officer suing the department for wrongful termination. It’s gonna cost the county millions to litigate – because even if they are wrong, the county attorneys will lie, portray you as a villain and threaten coworks with their jobs if they don’t do as they are told. Ask the county how much they get from the cosmetics firms for each barrel of dead animals they sell! Where does all that money go? A lot of managers the ought the county have their dogs registered at the shelter as their home address 1) to get out of paying license fees 2) to keep looky loos from finding out where they live.tammy has 3-4 dogs and said they are registered at the shelter. So much corruption!

    • KateD

      The court thing is so true and if any reporter inquires, the County tells them that them employee is the problem and the idiots press believes it! How dumb can a reporter be, to take the County’s word for anything? Gutless wonders, the lot of them.

  • David Zenger

    “In Orange County, we could largely save the $5 million we have to spend annually on supervisors’ staff and offices for their campaign workers”
    On the subject of maintenance agreements, I wonder if the County ever got one with Garden Grove for the upkeep of the ridiculous $3,000,000 soccer field at Haster Basin Janet Nguyen rammed down OC Public Work’s throat. At a board meeting Steve Franks once hilariously claimed the County would have more leverage AFTER the thing was built!

  • OCservant_Leader

    Connect the dots: New CEO Frank Kim’s wife is a Budget Manager promoted under ex-EA Steve Franks…who’s wife is a Budger Manager at Health Care Agency…who recently hired Frank Kim’s sister into government…then the crew who got caught cutting million dollar contracts to political donor moved from Franks agency to work for Frank Kim’s sister in Contracts.

    Funny how they always have their hands on the money.

  • KateD

    I cannot fathom how so much hand-wringing and whinging is being done about the maltreatment of animals, and no attention to continuing abuse of elderly and disabled humans, under the corrupted SSA and Public Guardian regimes. Don’t get me wrong, I love animals and this is horrible. But this is nothing, compared to the treatment of the poor people warehoused in rotting facilities and the lawsuits hushed up, for abuse and mistreatment of humans. One case, they dropped an 87 year-old woman on her head, on a concrete floor. It is a disgrace that the County hushed up and even profits from.

    • David Zenger

      Animals don’t make campaign contributions you silly girl. And they don’t hire lobbyists, either.

      • KateD

        Neither do people who are on life support.

      • dc matthews

        neither do most single disabled adults and homeless veterans.. hmm… maybe that’s why there are no homeless prevention services in OC.

  • Kathleen Tahilramani

    I like the idea of part time supervisors – if it comes with a guarantee that as part time supervisors they will only commit damage at a 50% level. That would be a 50% savings on stupid decisions, political nonsense and ineffective and wasteful conduct. Can we move to 1/4 time supervisors? Wait – better let can the whole supervisor/BOS idea and start over with a fundamental platform that big money has -0- influence. Yes,,, I am dreaming.