• Keith

    Word on the street is that Isadore Hall is secretly gay. What do you think viewing audience? Does your gaydar light up whenever you hear Isadore speak on TV? Let’s take a vote. Type Yes he’s gay or No, he’s not gay?

  • Ike Baikal

    Its time for a Republican. OC has had enough of the (Demo)Communist party.

  • EbolaJenkins

    My neighbors Neal and Bob adopted a dazzling little 16 year-old boy from Thailand. They call him Caitlyn even though they dress him up like a Boy Scout everyday… it is so cute!

  • Philmore

    How nice that Garden Grove’s problems must be all solved, after only 6 months in office before the next political stepping stone! Small surprise OC keeps circling the bowl, when, as at County level, resume building trumps accomplishment for those with their hands on the flush handle. Imagine, Gay AND Minority – WHY NO WORD from the Nobel Committee yet?

    • Greg Diamond

      Uh-oh — here come the people with no names and long knives!

      Loretta will have been in office for 20 years. Whoever replaces her may dovthe same. This is the opportunity for promotion that comes up once per generation. That it’s not at the optimal time for Bao, given his other work, is a shame — but even in Congress he would not likely set down his interest in Garden Grove.

      (If you want to discuss this, is there really a compelling reason that you can’t use your name? Would it reveal something embarrassing about you?)

      • David Zenger

        No, he’s right of course. Just as critics of Ling-Ling Whatshername are right. Trying to skip out mid-term, especially during your FIRST term is a complete abdication of the trust voters gave you.

        It’s not a shame for this character to run. It’s a disgrace. Concocted and pained rationalizations are like navels. Every politician has one.

        At least Ling Ling will have to actually risk her current job.

        • James Dean

          You do realize that the mayor’s seat in Garden Grove is only a 2 year term whereas the rest of city councils are 4 years right? He would still be finishing out his first term if he does decide to run.

          • David Zenger

            Thanks for the clarification. I just ignorantly assumed GG was like Anaheim.

            So let me rephrase: I think the basic point is that this guy was elected as a reformer and within seven months taking office he would be turning his attention to politicking instead of governing – a job he was elected to do.

            I don’t know if running for Congress would preclude him from running for Mayor at the same time, using GG as a platform for future self-promotion, however I sure would hope so.

            Any way it’s a moot point, IMHO, since I believe a year from now Sanchez will be running for re-election.

          • Greg Diamond

            I tend to agree about Loretta, but everyone who is actually associated with her insists that she has crossed the Rubicon.

            I don’t think that this prevents Bao from doing what he would otherwise do to promote reform in GG. In fact, by bringing a higher profile to his situation, it may do the opposite.

            But even if it weakens him in his current office, as one of the few successful solid progressive elected officials in OC, he is carrying a banner — of, among other things, honesty and integrity — for those who agree with him. The notion of Correa or Brandman taking the seat has been distressing. So, far from disappointed, many of us are thrilled.

            If he doesn’t make the Top 2, he can still run for reelection. If he does, then — as Matt Harper did last year — he either wins or he is out.

            By the way, Ling-Ling’s term as an Assembly member is also two years, so even if there is a moral burden to stay in office it doesn’t fall upon her. The OC pol who recently did what you condemn is Mimi Walters. (I will not even mention what Isadore Hall has been doing to our west.)

          • David Zenger

            As I said to James Dean, I phrased it poorly, anyhow. In Bao’s case, “skipping out mid-term” should have been: running for your next office before you’ve actually done anything in your current job. In other words show your electors that they didn’t waste their vote as you spend the rest of your term running for some other office.

            As far as Sanchez is concerned, I think Bob Dylan said it quite well:

            Pick up your money

            And pack up your tent

            You ain’t goin’ nowhere

          • Greg Diamond

            I’m surprised at your implication that Bao hasn’t “done anything” in his first eight months as Mayor. I don’t think that many people in Garden Grove — whether his enemies or friends — would share that view.

          • James Dean

            Anyone who pays attention to whats going on at GG council meetings can see that Bao is in a tough situation for several reasons. One he is a reformer. Two he is a progressive, probably the only true progressive in all of OC. And three, he actually reasons before voting. This doesn’t sit well with the rest of city council, just watch last night’s council meeting regarding Poseidon as an example, he was the lone dissenting voice in support of what the residents were demanding. And then their is the old conservative Vietnamese voters who are still probably upset about his decision to not kow tow to them (they make up a good portion of GG). The mayors seat is an uphill battle.

            Whatever his decision is though, I’m going to support him. He’s the only voice of reason in a pool of BS.

  • ximendingdave

    Go Bao! Mayor Nguyen would bring an important perspective that is inclusive of all residents. Unfortunately Lou Correa has been absent in the quest for equal rights for all Californians especially marriage equality.