• Ed Romero

    I hope they don’t pick that Drug Dealing, Marijuana Smoking, Cocaine Snorting Convicted Shoplifter to head this Committee. I remember her being selected to represent the County of Orange at that Seminar on Ethics in County Government. Her reputation followed her to that Seminar, she was snubbed when she returned to her car it was plastered with Lesbian prono pictures. She was a dirty corrupt crook but then so was the former Chairperson of the Orange County GOP that sent ARMED GUARDS to the Voting Places in the Mexican American Communities. If ARMED GUARDS were needed anywhere it was at that Lesbian Bar in Garden Grove where the Chief would write a check to the Bar Owner, the doors would be locked, the lights turned off, the music turned up and a mattress thrown on the Pool Table. Everyone knew what was going on but everyone kept their mouth shuts, because in the County of Orange, you get promoted if you keep your mouth shut, look the other way and do the right thing. Good work Marijuana Nancy.

  • Kathleen Tahilramani

    “Oversight of law enforcement in Orange County is not working,” supervisors’ Chairman Todd Spitzer, who organized the meeting, said in a statement.

    Animal Shelter
    Information Technology
    County Counsel
    District Attorney
    Human Resources ….Need I keep going to paint the picture. But since Spitzer has a focus on the DA job he only has eyes for law enforcement issues. Camera ready for anything that will help his political agenda. So obvious.

    • David Zenger

      100 % correct.

      And add:

      Dana Point Harbor
      Internal Auditor
      Performance Auditor

      It all points to a total lack of supervision by the Supervisors.

      • Kathleen Tahilramani

        All very worthy additions!

      • OCservant_Leader

        ADD Health and Human Services – these vulnerable clients/patients are really screwed

        Social Services – Lying cover up scandal

        CalOptima – mismanagement/fraud? There isn’t enough space here

        Health Care Agency – Mental Health professionals are crying out for help – management fraud = can’t Treat persistent and severely mentally ill

        OCCR – Homeless (No) shelter