• Mary Coons

    I discovered the organization called ‘Best Friends’ who’s tagline is ‘Save Them All’ and they do some amazing things for animals. They are currently working to make the city of Los Angeles a no kill city and I think they could do amazing things for Orange County. Between my job that pays the bills and my volunteer work to create a workable feral cat TNR program with the City of Anaheim, I can barely find time to sleep, let alone figure out how to get Best Friends to help us. Look at what they have done and let’s make it happen! http://bestfriends.org/our-work/local-programs

  • OCservant_Leader

    Instead of the multi-city work around put your efforts towards recalling the OC Board of Supes and get real public servants working for the public.

    The County has become paralyzed by their own inbreeding of corruption.

    • John Claxton

      That should be the new slogan! Best and most accurate phrase I have seen that describes the County of Orange leadership! Chairman Spitzer, you waited patiently for your turn. Get rid of Tammy the troll (every agency has at least one troll) and built us a new shelter. It’s way over due and it’s making you all look bad.

  • Thank you for publicizing this issue. Residents of Laguna Hills, Lake Forest, and San Juan Capistrano need to go to their respective City Council meetings and lobby for change. RSM residents already did this last week and their Council is moving forward in exploring options. From my research, a multi-city shelter can provide a higher quality of care, better service, at a lower cost to taxpayers, and the costs of construction can be re-captured in less than 10 years. But I am neither an architect nor a construction engineer, so the next step is for the cities to join and fund a study to give us concrete information.

  • David Zenger

    Good for all these local representatives. No posturing, preening and shameless self-promotion as we constantly see from the Supervisors. Just calling balls and strikes as Shawn Nelson is forever saying.

    Nobody at the County gives a damn, although maybe the thought of losing city revenue will jar somebody into action, unlikely as this possibility may be.

    Hopefully the locals’ constituents will follow their leadership and support alternatives to this seemingly permanent disgrace.