Tingle: Costa Mesa Officials Should be Wary of the Humane Society of Orange County

For Costa Mesa residents worried about the city’s animal sheltering contract with the Humane Society of Orange County, Orange County resident Rose Tingle warns they need to show up on Nov. 7 city council meeting as city leaders take a look. She also urges city leaders to add public members to animal care oversight committees to enhance independence.

Tingle: Transparency and Oversight Continue to Plague County Leadership

Longtime animal rights activist and Laguna Woods resident Rose Tingle argues that the group charged with oversight for the OC Animal Shelter – the City Managers Association Animal Care Committee – lacks the needed expertise in animal welfare and lacks transparency. Tingle wants public oversight of animal shelters.

Tingle: Time is Now to Address Solutions and Stewardship

While county supervisors just ushered in a new animal shelter, Rose Tingle calls on the rest of OC to step up, wondering why there are four nonprofit humane society campuses offering adoptions and teaching humane education to children in San Diego vs zero campuses in Orange County currently.