• Martin Cabrera

    Meth is a helluva drug…

  • No Mammes

    Frank Bittar, Senior Public Defender should be fired. Apparently the public defenders office is hiring lawyers with 0 common sense and lack of understanding what narcotics abuse does to a person’s brain! Bittar believes this FELON needs protection?????

    How about the innocent residents EDGAR VARGAS victimized? If Bittar is so concerned why do you take him into your home and “protect” him!

    Typical BS, using mental health as an excuse. Bittar, you should conduct a simple experiment, smoke some meth and crack for a few weeks, tell me how your mental health is afterwards.

    Anyone who has ever delt with a drug addict (EDGAR VARGAS) knows that abusing drugs simply makes you crazy; thinking people are after you is common side effect.

    Now everyone wants to make excuses like this idiot “Senior Public Defender.” Let’s call it mental issues instead of what it is; drug addict!

    Vargas has made the decisions in his life to abuse drugs and cause his own mental problems.

    This stupid government now has granted him a visa since his last arrest. You think Mexico would of taken such action?

    I’m just wondering, where is Vargas family? Let me guess, too busy filing a lawsuit to cash in their future lottery ticket that tax payers will pay.

    This is another clear example how this current government “protects” criminals instead of true victims.

    Bittar needs to get his head out of his A##. Your an Incompetent Public Defender. You should go outside your office on Ross Street and “protect” all those people you care so much about. Pendejo!