Santa Ana Again Targets Pot Shop Where Officers Caught on Video

Santa Ana police have issued an order to close a medical marijuana shop where hidden cameras recorded officers mocking an amputee and allegedly eating edibles, according to reporting by the Orange County Register and OC Weekly.

The newspapers reported that police executed a search warrant at the shop, Sky High Collective, on Monday. They confiscated 22 pounds of edibles, cameras, electronic tables and computers. Code enforcement officials also “red tagged” the shop and another dispensary nearby, an action that prohibits them from operation.

City officials have targeted the shop several times, the Register reported. But each time they’ve taken action against the dispensary, it’s remained open.

When Voice of OC published video of the raid, which went viral, Police Chief Carlos Rojas launched an internal investigation of the officers’ conduct. That investigation remains open. The Orange County District Attorney is also looking into the incident.

Matthew Pappas, the attorney who represents Sky High Collective, has also filed a federal lawsuit alleging that city officials have financial ties to other dispensaries in town and are using their policing powers to shut down the competition.

  • Paul Lucas

    This is going to be more common as time goes by. The so called legalization of cannabis by Jerry Browns trio of bills is going to corporatization of cannabis. This will make a monied interest and monopoly that will be raking in billion of dollars a year doing what even today some people are serving life in prison without parole. So what will occur is this new industry sending the municipal attack dogs to even the most small scale personal grower so they can secure all income in this industry.

  • John Claxton

    The Santa Ana Mafia aka Santa Ana PD is out of control. They bust up shops and steal the goods AND destroy all the surveilence equipment. And nobody does anything about it. All because the head mafioso El Chappe aka the Muffler Man aka the Mayor did not get his cut of the action. Of course our worthless DA does nothing. Even the Feds have checked out of the OC. Wow.

  • LFOldTimer

    How ’bout targeting the narcotic cops who allegedly ate the dispensary product in front of their fellow cops and destroyed thousands of dollars of private electronic equipment on camera? Isn’t anything sacred anymore? What happened to the narcotic cops other than paid admin leave? And how long does the IA investigation take? 10 years? I can’t say that I have high expectations of people who work in a pot dispensary. But I do have high expectations of sworn narcotic officers who have the authority to throw other people in jail. I don’t know. I guess I live by the old American standards. ha. This stinks of retaliation. Why do I feel like I’m living in TJ? What the heck happened to my country?

    • David Zenger

      Police can literally do anything they want in course of their “jobs.”

      Judges have said so.

      • LFOldTimer

        What you’re describing is a police state. I still have a little more faith and confidence in the American system than that. However, I have to admit, it’s waned a bit over the years. But if the PTB made it official and told us that we’ve adopted a police state model then we could either reluctantly accept it or leave. But I know that’s not the way America was originally designed nor did our Founders intend it.
        But when the camera catches sworn narcotic officers needlessly destroying $1000’s of dollars worth of private electronic equipment on camera and allegedly consuming dispensary product – how long should an investigation take? The wanton destruction of the equipment is what it is. With modern technology it would be pretty easy to zoom in on the wrappers to determine what the cops were munching on. Heck, if we can read license plate numbers from 30,000 ft. – it’s not that difficult to enhance the markings on a wrapper with some hi-tech magic. Hopefully there’s some integrity left in the system. If not, this society is flushed and the great experiment has failed.

        • David Zenger

          It’s hard to have faith when time and time again we see judges exonerate police with what amounts to a blanket indemnification.

          Any little thing and they “feared for their safety” or they believed the suspect was “reaching for his waistband.” The officer’s written report and sworn testimony changed several times but, you know, “nobody’s perfect.”

          That baloney used to be enough for the DA and the media. Now it looks like the public employees who wear black robes are only too ready to go along as well.

          There’s an endless War on Drugs and an endless War on Terror. That means a lot of cops given carte blanche.

          “You broke down the door to the wrong house, you beat up the residents; but; it’s okay you believed it was the right house.”

          • LFOldTimer

            Yeah, I get your point, David. And it is a scary phenomenon when those at the top tier of leadership at times appear to be all in. For instance, on the jail informant matter. Cops that routinely worked with the TRED system got up on the witness stand and under sworn oath asserted that such a system didn’t exist. Subsequently, once called out, they refuse to testify in other criminal matters which results in heinous criminals (murderers, etc…) walking away, getting ridiculously reduced sentences or being granted new trials that will cost us millions of extra taxdollar per case. And the top County law enforcement officer (the Sheriff) takes no disciplinary action (when her cops refuse to do their assigned duties ie. testify in court, due to the fruits of their own actions) and tells the public that they just need more training. As an American born and raised under the red, white and blue Flag, and as an American who for years truly believed in the American way of life – this causes me great consternation. More and more I really feel like I’ve lost my Country. That it no longer practices what it preaches and the disparity is condoned from the very top. Very frightening to an American who has seen America at her very best.