Westminster Seeks Volunteers for Financial Task Force

The Westminster City Council is seeking volunteers for a new financial advisory task force to help devise a long-term strategy to stabilize the city’s budget.

The city is facing a $5.39 million budget deficit, a shortfall that is only expected to increase in coming years.

The City Council will appoint five members to the task force at their Oct. 28 meeting. Once the task force is assembled, the city will hold a public study session to discuss the budget.

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  • David Zenger

    I’m reminded of the unarmed guys Stalin sent over the Volga into Stalingrad.

  • buzzookaman

    Westminster should lose thier cityhood and be turned over to the county. They are incompetant and or corrupt

  • Greg Lamon

    Since the OC Lincoln Club seems to think it knows about municipal finance, including backing an initiative in Stanton to reverse a voter approved sales tax increase, someone from that group should be invited to sit on this Westminster task force and share their wisdom. A real chance for them to be a constructive participant.

    • LFOldTimer

      But I question the judgment of the ‘new and improved’ Lincoln Club, Greg. I’ve noticed some considerable overlap in policy between the Lincoln Club and the progressives. And no, the progressives have not moved to the right. The Lincoln Club has moved to the left. Would the Lincoln Club approve of Westminster paying over $2 million for personal punitive civil judgments against their executive police officials while already running a deficit of over $5 million? 20 years ago I’d have no doubt what their position would be. Today? Who knows?

  • LFOldTimer

    Do I understand this correctly? So Westminster is running a deficit of over $5 million. Knowing this, the Council has apparently agreed to pay over $2 million in punitive legal judgements against their executive cops who discriminated against latino cops. And then after all the horses have escaped the barn the Council sends out an SOS for unpaid volunteers to save their financial behinds? ha. If the Westminster voters reelect their Council incumbents who run again in 2016 – the State should build a padded wall around the City. Is Darrell Nolte still around? He’s gotta be fit to be tied.

    • Greg Lamon

      It would be interesting to know if the city has excess liability insurance and that tempered the City Council’s decision to pay the punitive damage judgement. Also, what legal advice did the Council get about pursuing an appeal of the case and its punitive damages aspect? Maybe the city can raise enough money by selling everything with the name Marjorie Rice on it. As for Nolta, a sad case spanning over a decade of input that hardly anyone ever took seriously as he subscribed to the “everyone is entitled to my opinion” theory..May he ride his bicycle off into the sunset.

      • LFOldTimer

        I don’t think it was just Nolta that they ignored. They pretty much ignored the collective general public. At least Nolta had the civic responsibility to get involved in the public process. That’s more than 99.9% of the rest of us can say. So I would be the last person to criticize Mr. Nolta. And I’d be very surprised if Westminster’s insurance would cover punitive judgments against the cops. It’ll likely come out of general funds. My point is what deterrent to this behavior exists if the actual violators walk away without a scratch while the innocent taxpayers are forced to have their backs and take the brunt of the financial punishment? Answer: None. There is no deterrent. And it becomes a laughable situation to those in positions of authority who can make the taxpayers pay for their sins.