• Phantom Commuter

    OCTA has never provided the service frequency to make a gird system work. If they are going to require transfers, buses need to run as frequently as they do in New York or San Francisco.

  • Paul Lucas

    Its depressing watching the residents of Santa Ana continually getting screwed over by their own city council.

  • Arturo Lomeli

    Santa Ana should take the opprtunity OCTA presents of starting it’s own public transportation system. Use succe

  • LFOldTimer

    Why would ridership numbers decline by 30% starting about the time of the economic meltdown? The population in OC didn’t decline. And bad economic times often force people to use public transportation since they can’t afford the costs to operate a car (gas, repairs, insurance, etc…). So that stat makes no sense to me. Government stats never do. The government generally manipulates stats to promote their favored agendas. Oh, and not only in communist countries. Stat manipulation is alive and well in America. My stat professor drilled a concept into our minds and told us if we remembered anything to remember this: ‘Figures don’t lie. Liars figure’.

    • Phantom Commuter

      Because the service was cut by 30%. Reduce service 30% and ridership goes down 30%. Pretty simple.