• Bill

    The Osborne building that is slated for renovation for the arrival of the DA and Public Defender and is currently housed by OC Public Works and OC Waste and Recycling is undergoing a renovation at a cost of nearly $1 million. The renovation affects only the OC Public Works floors which are essentially 7 of 8 floors including the basement. The current renovation is a terrible misuse of the public’s money when the Director of OC Public Works is well aware that the DA/Public Defender renovation is anticipated to begin in as little as 2 years and all if not most of the current renovation will be demolished. Why isn’t anyone screaming about this injustice?

    • David Zenger

      “Why isn’t anyone screaming about this injustice?”

      Because no one cares. This sort of left/right hand dysfunction is sooooo typical of the County. I used to call them out on it all the time. The response? “This is the decentralized model” – the Mauk and Franz doctrine that they seemed to think excused all incompetence and all inefficiencies. And guess what? They were right!

  • David Zenger

    “The Board also asked Griffin to examine and address the County’s future
    real-estate needs in the Civic Center, including the condition of 22
    County owned and leased buildings with an average age of 46 years, as
    well as space plans, parking, occupancy costs and energy use.”

    Which should have been done before, not after, the Building 16 issue was addressed, and which was really a violation of County procurement policy pertaining to add-on work.

    Just for fun, please track the amount Griffin has contributed to Supervisors campaign accounts over the past four years and ask yourselves why the County needs a developer to build it a new “Building 16” that it rents back to…the County.

    And yet another lease conveyance deal for a forty year old building? Really?

    Oh, and Ms.Pasco, speaking of the Civic Center, in your press release you failed to mention the future of the derelict building at 433 W. Civic Center. Remember? The real estate you and Tom Daly bamboozled the Board into buying for an “archive” a-way back in 2008 for $2.1 million, and that has sat there empty as a tomb for EIGHT YEARS.