• LFOldTimer

    Hey, Mouet – do you still stand by your quote?

    “Just because we disagree, doesn’t mean we can deny,” Mouet said. “But boy they better follow the rules…if someone is disrespected, I won’t like it. The fairgrounds is about respect, its about diversity…the fairgrounds is the county’s town square.”

    What about the anti-Trump mob responsible for the disruption, vandalism, street violence and physical injuries at the Trump event? Are you going to give them a pass?

    Where are you, Mouet? Hiding under your desk? Who should get “disrespected” now?

  • Peter

    Kris Murray is the worst kind of traitor there is. She is responsible for these little kids being pepper sprayed. I hope the parents sue the heck out of the city. It is definitely foreseeable and the city council should have known something like this would or could happen when they place some nonsense like this on the agenda. I was there that day and saw a hispanic male pepper spray these guys. He was going around instigating fights with everyone and then just busts out a pepper spray and doused everyone! These guys don’t care about law and order (probably because they are illegal) – and they know they can’t get in trouble like the rest of us citizens. Kris Murray is a disgrace and should resign immediately – she will cost the city millions with her grandstanding. She wanted to be FAMOUS for putting this on the agenda…and her rationale is complete and utter BS! She wants to open a dialogue? Like nobody knows the players in the game? All you are going to do is create havoc – all because you wanted to become the famous GOP white-guilt healer – all for the hispanic vote in this cesspool of a city.

  • Cynthia Ward

    And this had NOTHING AT ALL to do with Murray’s haste to push an ill conceived Resolution through the meat grinder of a City Council meeting, insisting her amended Resolution MUST be voted on that same night or the world would end, but then could not be bothered to ask for it to be on the NEXT agenda for consideration after we had the chance to read what she handed out to the other Council members (as we are entitled to before a vote) So if it was the right thing to do this week, is it nor the right thing to do in 2 weeks? Especially once the hostility of using Trump’s name removes the angry mobs from the discussion? Or was this really-not-a-political-issue Resolution ONLY relevant when Trump was headed to town? In which case how does that meet the standard for not-political?

    Murray’s inability to tolerate opinions other than her own makes her a kindred spirit to Trump, not an enemy.

    “Another woman was seen going after a man with her taser.” A self-identified Trump supporter was seen going after an anti-Trump protester with her taser, after verbally threatening to do so, indicating she had thought it through first. Now would that info not make a more balanced report? Pretty good David Washburn, it took how many years to make me disagree with something in one of your articles, my husband and kids can tell you how rare that is.

    Idiots show up to counter demonstrate. You want to beat the guy? Get out there and talk to VOTERS about his hate. You are not going to change the minds of anyone at a Trump rally (I won’t even get into the mind set of that crew that descended on Anaheim Tuesday) and you look like rabble rousing trouble makers on TV which plays into his image of the poor victimized grass roots guy. Meanwhile the neighbors in Costs Mesa get to hunker down in their homes listening to law enforcement helicopters and news crews circle endlessly all night. This is “democracy in action” according to Kris Murray. Go team. America is doomed.

  • David Zenger

    “…our democratic principals”

    Principles too!

  • LFOldTimer

    Somebody should remind Mouet that the first act of violence at a Trump gathering in OC was by an anti-Trump protester – the victims included 2 small innocent children who were pepper sprayed in the face by the neanderthal. scumbag. So if I were Mouet I would be on the lookout for anti-Trump agitators and troublemakers at his Fairgrounds who are there for the sole purpose of disrupting the event.

    Civic minded people are going to the Trump rally to hear what the candidate has to say . IOW’s participating in the democratic process. Make sure the agitators behave themselves and there won’t be any problems, Mouet.

    And Berardino cracks me up speaking of “democratic principals”. Isn’t he the same one who reportedly had to be restrained from engaging in a physical confrontation at a government meeting? I had to hold my nose every time Berardino approached the public podium. He behaved like a schoolyard bully. He made Trump look like an altar boy. ha. He has alot of nerve to talk.

    • David Zenger

      This Mouet character is way, way out of line.