Immigrant-Rights Protesters Shut Down Meeting on Sheriff’s Controversial Policy

Immigrant-rights activists showed up in force and shut down a Wednesday meeting on the Orange County Sheriff’s Department controversial policy of handing over jail inmates to federal immigration authorities, The Orange County Register reported.

Here is an excerpt from the Register article:

More than 25 immigrant-rights activists stood up and shouted, “Hutchens, listen! Immigration is not your business!” referencing Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens as audience members waited in line to address representatives of the department and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Hutchens was not present at the meeting.

Federal immigration and local law enforcement officials have long touted the program, known as “287G,” which targets serious offenders as a way to keep the public safe. However, immigration advocates have said the law breaks up families and targets the most vulnerable population.

Alexis Nava Teodoro, 28, of Santa Ana, with members of RAIZ, an Orange County group working to stop deportations, was forcibly escorted from the meeting at the sheriff’s Regional Training Academy after standing and chanting with other protestors.

“Local law enforcement have no business in enforcing immigration law,” he said. “They’re supposed to protect us and keep safe, but they do the opposite by participating in these programs.”

On the opposite side of the room, supporter Raul Rodriguez Jr., of Apple Valley, chanted “Throw them out!” at the mostly young crowd of opponents.

“I don’t approve of lawlessness,” he said. “They come to this country illegally, they’re lawbreakers.”

Orange County, home to one of California’s largest undocumented populations, is the only county in the state that partners with ICE to initiate deportation proceedings against undocumented inmates.

Debate in the county over immigration policies has been heating up in recent months. In April, the Santa Ana City Council began public discussions regarding the possible shuttering of the city’s jail, which houses immigration detaining under a controversial contract between the city and ICE.

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  • Ed Romero

    If they are going to enforce the Immigration Laws then they have to enforce them equally. Let me explain. While employed by the Orange County Probation Department we were processing applicants, they determined that one of the applicants was an Illegal Male Mexican, they immediately called INS/ICE and had him arrested and deported. At the same time they also determined that a Female White Clerical Clerk was an Illegal Canadian Alien, did that dirty Racist Drug Dealing Marijuana Smoking Asst. Chief Probation Officer call INS/ICE and have her arrested and deported NO NO NO, instead a letter was sent to INS requesting that her application for Legal Residence be EXPEDITED. That Asst. Chief is the same person that FIRED a Male Hispanic Employee at our Los Pinos Detention Center (aka/The Lesbian Drug Den) for reporting to work late, did she do the same to the Drug Dealer that was caught Snorting Cocaine (a felony) by the Director he FIRED her and that corrupt Asst. Chief Probation Officer REHIRED her and the Director was told to destroy all the records and to keep his mouth shut. That Cocaine Snorter was transferred to our Probation Records Unit, where I caught her Smoking Marijuana 2 times while on duty, she was FIRED again only because I threatened to call the Santa Ana Police Department. That Asst. Chief Probation Officer had the habit of Hiring and Promoting her Lesbian Friends to positions that should of gone to more qualified applicants. The Chief Probation Officer wasn’t any better, she and all her Lesbian friends would Smoke so much Marijuana at her residence in the City of Anaheim, her neighbors calling our Probation Records Unit complaining about all the Marijuana fumes floating over to their houses. I guess when you have a direct Telephone Line right to the Nixon or Reagan White Houses you can do anything you. NO ONE is Law Enforcement did anything about all the Drug Dealing, Marijuana Smoking, Cocaine Snorting, they knew better, what was that Deputy Sheriff/Security Guard use to say in our Records Unit “SOMEONE IS SMOKING MARIJUANA ON THE 5TH FLOOR AND I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO”. What a bunch of dirty Racist Crooks.

  • InTheKnow

    We don’t want to break up a murder’s family now do we? Where is the logic in this opposition? And VOC, why is the sheriff’s policy “controversial”? Because some radicals oppose it? I find the disruption of a public meeting far more controversial than the policy of deporting criminals in the country illegally,

  • Leonardo Donatello

    In force?! Puhlease… About 20 kids showed up and chanted near the end of the meeting. It was actually a snoozer of a meeting.

  • LFOldTimer

    Bank robbers just want to feed their families too. Why don’t we give amnesty to bank robbers?

    This is so nuts. It’s just another sign that society is disintegrating socially and morally.

    I really sorry for all the young kids being raised in this cesspool.