Serrano: Don’t Foreclose Santa Ana City Jail

Santa Ana’s police union argues It is foolish for city council members to cut off a jail contract with ICE. Police Union Presidet Gary Serrano argues council members should do everything possible to re-engage the federal ICE contract and honor the current lawful agreement which in place.

Immigration Agency Cancels Santa Ana Jail Contract

In a letter Thursday to city officials, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials announced they were triggering a 90-day period to cancel the contract, in reaction to decisions by the council to reduce the number of detainees who could be housed there.

Santa Ana Council Hears Debate Over Fate of City Jail

Activists who see the city’s contract with the federal government to house immigration detainees at the city jail as an insult to Santa Ana’s majority Latino population clashed Tuesday with jail employees who say the activists have painted an inaccurate picture of conditions at the jail.