Briceño: Correcting Correa

Lou Correa is claiming the success of others as his. Correa is deceptive and blatantly wrong. And, here is why I want to correct Correa.

Constituents of 46th congressional district received his campaign flyer stating: “the people of Anaheim thank you Lou.”


I ask Correa to correct the flyer to read instead, “Lou thanks the people of Anaheim.” I correct Correa because the people’s map of Anaheim became a reality because of the people of Anaheim and not Correa.

The people of Anaheim lobbied, marched, protested and litigated to claim their rightful place and to realize their dreams in the city of Angels. Correa played no role in helping the disenfranchised in Anaheim and he was nowhere in the vicinity with them during their just struggle. And when he did show up to celebrate people’s victory, of course his staff was conveniently available on hand to take pictures of his grotesque opportunism.

This deception is patently Correa-like, claiming the hard work and the success of others, as his own. I am appalled by his audacity to proclaim the success of the hard work of the working people of Anaheim. And, I know many people of myriad persuasions are also sick of Correa’s deceptive politics.

If anything, Correa should apologize to the people of Anaheim for not only being MIA but also for being deceptive in claiming what is not his.

Ada Briceño is Secretary Treasurer for UNITE HERE

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