Briceño: Job loss, the Looming Coronavirus Problem

Many of our nation’s leaders are talking about ways to stem the economic fallout from COVID-19 precautions. We must learn from the lessons of the 2008 Great Recession, when we bailed out corporations but not people. We can’t do that again. This time, America’s families must be front and center.

Briceño: I March for Working Women

Ada Briceño, Co-President of UNITE HERE Local 11 and Chair of the Democratic Party of Orange County writes that worker’s rights are women’s rights.

Briceño: Celebrating Workers’ Accomplishments on May Day

Ada Briceño, Co-President of UNITE HERE Local 11 in Orange County, writes that May Day is a historic day for the labor movement. She notes that much has been accomplished but there is more to do in OC to ensure equal treatment for all workers.