OC Animal Care New Shelter Groundbreaking Ceremony

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  • BeeBee.BeeLeaves

    I really think that the shelter needs to be privatized by contracting rescues, in a collective, say 10 chosen for example, in a collaborative arrangement. People who love animals are the ones who should be doing this. The uniformed unionized can still keep on trucking but once those animals are sheltered, the rescuers, with their groups being compensated, should handle and be a voice when it comes to passing judgement on animals, who through no fault of their own, just really unlucky, find themselves at the mercy of a County facility. The contracted, when not effective, can be replaced. Do no harm.

  • Sharon Logan

    A New Shelter is not going to help the animals if the current, admin, staff, director and vet are in place, a new shelter isn’t going to address the 5 damning grand jury reports, the high kill rate and the empty open kennel and cage killing with over 100 empty kernels that is rampant at OCAC.

    All a new shelter is going to do is look aesthetically pleasing but will not help the poor animals that are unfortunate enough to end up at the New Shelter.

    There may be “180 Rescues ” currently on file to be partnered with OCAC but out of those “180”rescues that applied and are on file to rescue from OCAC, less than 20 of those “180” Rescues are actively and consistently rescuing the dogs from OCAC.

    OCAC also claims to have over “200” volunteers, those may be the people that applied and are on file as volunteers but out of those “200” volunteers on file, all I have seen in three years are the same active 15 volunteers.

    Keep Spinning.

    While Hawkins continues to spout a live release rate of over 90% percent for the dogs, which is clearly false, Hawkins has never proven or backed that up with the raw data, why actually change your kill rate when all you have to say is you did? Show the public and the tax payers of OC they over 90 percent live release rate of dogs with the Raw Data.

    In conclusion though OCAC has implemented a highly touted new shelter intervention program once again the Raw Data does not lie, we have received our June Euthansia Report from OCAC via court order and its shows for the last 2 months the Euthansia rate has gone up by 1/3.

    Why have the Euthansia Rates gone up by 1/3 in 2 months, with a shelter intervention program in place?

    What is really going on at OCAC? OCAC can spout off and spin all they want, but they can’t refute the Raw Data and that is why OCAC has not provided any Raw Data to the public and tax payers to back up their absurd and blatantly false claims of the numbers of current active rescue partners, current active volunteers and the real live release rate of dogs which is around 65% not 94%.

    • John Claxton

      I find it sad, pathetic and troubling that you have to get a court order to get this info. Todd Spitzer, don’t you find this troubling? Tammy the troll Rosales continues to run this department into the ground.

  • BeeBee.BeeLeaves

    Please, make this nothing but a hopeful, happy place. Do no harm, ever. They do not have a voice but We the People do and our collective voice is getting louder. Animal Care, should mean exactly that, animal care. Not just inventory and disposable numbers. Best wishes.