Accounting for Activists Part 2, September 14th


Accounting 4 Activists Part 2

Wednesday September 14, 2016 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM PDT (Add to Calendar)

RSCCD main board room
Rancho Santiago Community College District
2323 N Broadway
Main Board Room First Floor
Santa Ana, CA


Mark your calendars for Wednesday, September 14 at Rancho Santiago Community College District’s main board meeting room for a sequel – CAFR Exposed, What Really Happened to the Budget?   Returning for a second round will be our dynamic duo – Auditor-Controller Eric Woolery and Voice of OC Publisher Norberto Santana, who will unravel the mysteries of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (appropriately nicknamed CAFR), and how it reconciles what an Agency says it will do with your tax dollars in the beginning of the year with what they actually did.

Hold on to your hats as the intrepid pair take you on a wild ride from financial statements to the dark caverns of footnotes, supplemental information and the always-fascinating statistical section. There is no charge, so hurry and register as seats are LIMITED! 

Anyone interested in following the money, holding government’s feet to the debt ceiling or otherwise making sense of government finance should sign up immediately!

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  • Valkyrie Joos

    This was time well spent! I am glad I went and look forward to more meetings!

  • Philmore

    Any chance this event could / will be video-ed? It would be a great educational resource (YouTube ?) for those with schedule conflicts (me !) as well as activists – to – be !
    Speaking of footnotes and supplemental info, OR THE LACK OF SAME, The Line Item portions Anaheim CAFRs under CM Paul Emery’s watch (and possibly before !) make frequent use of account 7821, “Miscellaneous Professional Services”, without footnotes or explanations ANYWHERE ! Some are trivial amounts, but MANY are in the $100,000 ‘s, and a few in the $ Millions ! Why NO INFORMATION ? Some “Transparency” , huh ?